Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a huge part of any marketing campaign. Since more and more people understand the advantages of video over text, the marketing campaign includes all types of videos.

The right approach to video marketing is hard to pinpoint. Meanwhile, Cisco predicts that by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80 percent of consumer traffic. A successful video marketing strategy can mean a formidable boost in profits and staying ahead of the competition.

We asked experts from to share some tips on creating a successful video marketing strategy in 2018.

1. Creating Educational Videos

Surprisingly enough, brand-selling videos are not always the most successful part of your video marketing strategy. People don’t enjoy pure sales without any benefit. So you have to think about helping your audience get some valuable information. For example, if you sell flowers, you may want to present a video about caring for them.

The key to attracting the audience to your product are videos which carry value. Consider creating “how to” videos related to the products you sell. They are bound to bring traffic to your website and pique the consumers’ interest.

2. Taking Advantage Of Webinars

Webinars are an essential part of marketing. They are a wonderful way to bring value to the consumers while allowing you to adjust the content to your needs. Webinars are an easy tool for great customer conversion. You can attract consumers and improve the relationship with them.

Webinars help you engage customers in a discussion, which in turn helps you adjust the audience profile and improve the conversion rate. These educational interactive videos can help you fit a large amount of content which otherwise would have been ignored. Webinars are a chance to sell without selling hard.

3. Tiny Video Content

Bite-size videos are extremely popular among busy audiences. Videos longer than 2 minutes rarely get as much engagement as tiny video snippets. GIFs are gaining big popularity among consumers, especially because they are easy to share on social media.  The longer your video is, the fewer people will watch it until the end.

One of the keys to an excellent video marketing strategy is an ability to pack as much information as possible into a small video. Always keep in mind the short attention span of the contemporary consumer. Smaller videos are lighter and easier to distribute.

4. Sharing Square Videos

Sometimes it is more convenient to create horizontal or vertical videos. By doing that, you are losing part of your audience. The majority of customers prefer square videos, no matter where you decide to share them.

The popularity of square videos may not seem logical. However, it looks better on the mobile newsfeed. The best part about it is that advertising with a square video is cheaper.

5. Focusing On Mobile Optimization

The rise of mobile gadget use is hard to overlook. When making videos, you have to remember that the majority of your audience will watch it on their smartphones. That’s why all the videos you make for marketing purposes must look stellar on a small mobile screen.

Optimizing for mobile use is simple. You have to keep in mind the size of the video and its shape. We already talked about the square shape above. Your small video must make some sense without the sound because many consumers watch videos on mute.

Keep the video as short as possible since the attention span of mobile users is even shorter than for desktop users because they are on the go.

6. Making It Look Less Like An Ad

In the modern world of ads, which are pounding the consumer’s head absolutely everywhere, looking like an add is a big disadvantage. That’s why top marketers are trying hard to make their videos look like something else. For example, the video can tell an intriguing story with nice special effects. The sales pitch can come at the very end.

Your goal is to make the video engaging. The marketing part should come closer to the end. It should be discreetly incorporated into the video. Such engaging videos are subject to social media sharing, thus improving your marketing efforts.

7. Using Music Videos

Advertisements which use music are often very popular. You can do an excellent job promoting your products by writing short and easy-to-remember lyrics. Such music videos may require a more formidable investment than regular ads but the ROI can be impressive.

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