How Can Clinicians Make the Most Of Plastic Surgery SEO: 5 Actionable Tips

SEO is one of the most important keys to any company growth and development. For the health care sector, search engine optimization is just as important as for any other industry.

Even though plastic surgery is highly popular, each new clinic requires a special approach to finding new clients.  

By taking advantage of the below tips, you can improve your marketing efforts and bring in new patients ASAP.

1. Adapt To The Local Market

Even though patients are ready to travel to take advantage of the plastic surgeon’s services, the majority of them are looking for something closer to home. You have to adjust your SEO strategy to the needs of the local audience.

As the number of plastic surgery clinics grows according to the demand, the need for the local approach is sharper and sharper.

Define your target audience carefully. Perhaps if you find that there is an abundance of plastic surgery clinics in your area, it’s time to relocate.

The competition outside your local area may be more intense. Capitalize on the location.

2. Make Contacts Easy

Patients always have a million questions about plastic surgery. Since it’s usually not a surgery, which they can’t live without, people tend to take a long time to make a decision. It’s up to your marketing experts to make your clinic available for questions.

Take good care of your contacts page. It must be well optimized for searching by potential clients. Consider answering some of the most burning questions on the contacts page.

Make it easy for the clients to ask questions without calling you. According to plastic surgeons at Peoria, chats are excellent for people who are having doubts about the surgery.

3. Pay More Attention To Social Media

For any plastic surgery clinic, the majority of the target audience is using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can improve your SEO efforts tremendously by devoting more time to social media promotion.

Make yourself available for chatting on social media. Post viral articles about the latest developments in the world of plastic surgery. Show your “before and after” photos.

According to SEO experts at Miromind, an active approach on social media can improve SEO efforts trifold.

Make posts about the life of your office. Talk about your patients and thank them. Ask your existing patients to follow you on social media. This can help improve your word-of-the-mouth marketing efforts.

4. Turn Services Into Landing Pages

You can tremendously improve your SEO efforts by making each service page into the landing page. As a plastic surgery clinic, you probably specialize in different procedures. Each one of them is your chance to get your website to the top of the search results.

A list of services is hardly as useful as an extensive description of each of them on its own page. Google is likely to give higher scores to the website with full information about services rather than a list.

Use the opportunity to add high-quality text to these pages as well as answer the most important questions about each procedure.

5. Use CTAs on Every Page

As we already mentioned, the majority of potential plastic surgery patients have doubts. Make sure you tell them what to do to achieve the desired results. Include a strong call to action on each service page.

·         Call us today for a free consultation

·         Call now to get more answers

·         Contact Dr. Smith for more details

These CTAs are vital to getting conversions. You can also use them to get patient emails by offering free e-books and brochures for downloading.

Final Thoughts

Take full advantage of your website to bring as many clients as possible by following the above tips. Plastic surgery clinics have an excellent opportunity to improve their SEO since their potential patients are always hungry for information. Be ready to give it to them in a nice keyword-filled wrapper.

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