What You Need To Know About Souq Affiliate Marketing

Souq is a large online shopping platform designed for MENA regions. The majority of the Arab world is taking advantage of this service to purchase various items, from windshield wipers to socks.

This Amazon-owned platform offers a profitable affiliate marketing program.Souq provides excellent conditions for website owners, who want to earn money promoting the service. What do you need to know about Souq affiliate marketing? Let’s find out.

Why Take Advantage of Souq Affiliate Marketing?

Souq affiliate marketing program is designed to be as simple as possible. If you are looking for ways to earn money with your website, this is an excellent option. Without any investments, you get access to all the necessary tools needed to promote the platform.

You are paid every time a customer makes a purchase after coming to Souq by clicking a link or a banner on your website.

How Much Can You Get Paid With Souq Affiliate Program?

The amount you receive depends on the items a person redirected from your website buys. It also depends on how many people are converted from your website. Overall, you can get up to 10 percent of each purchase made by each referred customer.

It’s important to discuss all the payment nuances with the company representative. In order to get as much profit from the program as possible, you need to know all the details. Generally, Souq affiliates are satisfied with the quick payments they get from the company.

What Do I Need To Join Souq Affiliate Program?

All you need to join the program is to have an account at Souq. The registration takes only a few minutes. In order to be paid, you should have a website with a formidable number of visitors, which may be interested in visiting Souq.

Ideally, your audience should be from MENA regions in order to get as many returns as possible.

How Do I Advertise The Company?

Souq provides all the necessary instruments to make advertising as easy as possible. All you have to do is place a banner or a link given to you by Souq on your website. Remember, placement of the link is highly important to the success of the affiliate advertising.

The User Clicks The Banner But Doesn’t Make A Purchase: Do I Get Paid?

You only get paid if the user, who clicks the banner or the link, makes a purchase at Souq. Once the purchase is completed, you get up to 10 percent of the cost.

You need to discuss the payment options with the program manager in order to have the right expectations about payouts.

Things To Consider Before Joining The Program

Before making a decision to join the program and contact the representative, ask yourself the following questions:

·         Do I have a popular website with at least a 1,000 visitors?

·         Is my audience interested in shopping via Souq?

·         Am I ready to have Souq advertising its products on my website?

·         Does Souq advertising go against the key theme of my website?

Once you are clear about the program rules, you can start immediately. Souq affiliate marketing program is straightforward and beneficial for many website owners.

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